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Des lectures courtes pour les gens occupés (En anglais uniquement)

22 juillet 2015

Even if you have the time to sit on a beach, do you really want to lug a 500-page doorstopper with you? Feel smarter faster with the following short-but-sweet reading material that caught the eye of our Investment team.

Recommended by Andrew

One of my favourite articles in a while is Byron Wien's 20 life lessons from a career on Wall Street. Read more ›

Another article I really enjoyed. This one is about leadership. Read more ›

Recommended by Frank

10,000 hours with the co-founder of LinkedIn. Read more ›

An interview with Fred Olsen on being bold, thinking differently and becoming Norway’s most radical billionaire. Read more ›

Recommended by Ted

On the importance of process and doing the ordinary consistently.
Read more ›

Recommended by Tye

A non-consensus point of view on environmental issues.
Read more ›