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What inspired us to join together to create EdgePoint?

A belief system, not a brand

EdgePoint is the brainchild of a group of investment professionals who share a common set of beliefs. Namely, that we could provide an alternative to the standard fare of mutual fund companies that didn’t seem to have their priorities straight. From our conversations with investors and their advisors, we saw an opportunity in the marketplace for a company like EdgePoint – one that:

  • puts investors at the forefront of all business decisions;
  • believes in direct and timely communication;
  • takes a stand against costly product structures;
  • invests its own money in its products alongside its investment partners;
  • places high value on unrivalled service;
  • uses investment results and not asset growth as its benchmark for achievement;
  • focuses on being a valued partner to a few versus everything to everybody.

For all of these reasons, we believe we offer the “more” you’re looking for from the people you entrust to build your wealth.

Our story

We’re employee owned and investment led, and we follow a time-tested approach managing our clients’ money. Get the straight goods from our founders on why it matters that they established EdgePoint this way.