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Defining success

We built EdgePoint based on a distinct definition of success rooted in the notion that we exist to grow your wealth. We put our investment partners first in all business decisions.

Our success measures

We’re not about having the most assets or the biggest office. That’s not how we define success. Our reason for being is to grow your hard-earned savings and we believe that to do so means accomplishing the following three goals:

  1. 01

    Achieve investment results at or near the top of our peer group over 10 years.

    We believe you can be lucky over shorter periods but that it takes considerable skill to achieve long-term outperformance.

    See our investment results.

  2. 02

    Remain an investment-led organization that has strong relationships with our investment partners.

    We believe in putting your interests first. Without investment partners like you, there is no EdgePoint. It's that simple and we don't forget it.

  3. 03

    Maintain a company culture that inspires our employees to think and act like owners.

    We believe employees with a large stake in the success of a business are more motivated to meet and even exceed the expectations of their individual role. EdgePointers own EdgePoint and we believe in eating our own cooking by maintaining a significant personal investment in our products.

    See our level of co-investment.

    We also believe our culture is best defined as “knowing the right thing to do without having to be told.” It’s how we’re able to maintain such a lean operation when many companies with a similar asset size have many more employees. To us, EdgePoint isn’t just a job – it’s our business.

We thank you for your trust and work hard every day to be worthy of it.