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Business Owners Buying Businesses™

We think and act like rational business owners. We don't pay attention to short-term numbers and neither should you.

Investors' interests first

Our priorities are straight. We exist to grow your wealth and put you at the forefront of all decisions.

Full alignment

We invest alongside you. Skin in the game fosters accountability.

Edgepoint by the numbers


long-term EdgePoint investor accounts


average annualized investor since-inception return

$17.6 billion

money made for investors since inception

$165 million

in fees saved since inception


Explore a variety of informative material to help you be a better investor.

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As at July 18, 2024

10-year Partner Program

To show our appreciation for our partners who have had the conviction and unwavering long-term view by staying invested with us for 10 or more years, the 10-year Partner Program offers lower management fees.

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Inside Edge

Inside Edge is dedicated to providing a collection of investment-related charts, articles and musings that have hit our desks or inboxes. Once in a while we will post materials we’ve created and glimpses of EdgePointers’ lives.

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New to EdgePoint?

Getting to know each other is the start of any long-term partnership. We've put together some quick guides to show why we might be a good fit for you.

Edgepoint Swag

Here’s your chance to buy some EdgePoint swag. Don’t worry, the money goes to a good cause: lowering our investors’ fees!