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Picture of Vanita  Sachdev
Vanita Sachdev

As someone in trading operations, you’d expect Vanita to do everything “by the numbers”. We’ve learned that only applies in the office as she loves learning new ways to express herself creatively outside of it. Vanita’s done everything from making some of the art that decorates her home, trying out new shots in badminton or experimenting with culinary creations. Her passion for cooking often transforms her kitchen into a laboratory where she loves to make (and taste) different dishes. The sweet and savoury scientist conducts a lot of “research” for her meals by trying the many cuisines that her newfound home city of Toronto has to offer. When she isn’t reconciling trades or making magical meals, Vanita finds solace in nature to recentre herself.

Before joining EdgePoint, Vanita worked as a senior specialist – trade reporting at CIBC and held senior analyst roles at both Deutsche Bank and Nomura Holdings. She earned both her BSc in Information Technology and MBA from the University of Mumbai.

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