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Picture of Sayuri  Childs
Sayuri Childs

All Sayuri (pronounced sah-you-ree) knew when she joined EdgePoint in 2008 – it was still just an idea then – was that she’d be doing “stuff.” She has led our investment communications efforts and helped to keep our analytics straight. Today, she keeps us in line as our Chief Compliance Officer. Sayuri cut her teeth on the trading floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange and for seven years worked you-know-where in the product management and research department alongside Tye, Geoff and Patrick on the Investment team. They decided they couldn’t live without her and the feeling was mutual. She’s been with us ever since. When Sayuri isn’t doing stuff for EdgePoint, you’ll find her skiing the slopes, perfecting her tennis game or chasing around her three kids. She earned a B.Comm in Finance from McGill University and is a CFA charterholder.

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