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Picture of Ruairi  O'Connor
Ruairi O'Connor

Dublin-born Ruairi (pronounced “Rur-ee”) claims to have left Ireland because of his love for travel, but we're not sure it wasn't because he was run out of the country due to his dislike of Guinness and potatoes. He’s traveled to 30 countries and lived in four. Although he's a huge rugby and soccer fan, he's adapting to the local sports culture and hopes to see every Toronto professional team play as soon as possible.

Ruairi’s work experience is diverse, spending time as a sales analyst at a Canadian competitor firm, a control analyst with HSBC Global Markets in New York City and a hostel manager in Croatia's second-largest city. Ruairi has a B.Comm. from University College Dublin and a Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Practice (which he's obviously put to good use).

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