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Picture of Richard  Djakovic
Richard Djakovic

If you’ve never heard of it, Richard surely has. He revels in the obscure and can tell you all about the vintage of wine or indie band that no one is talking about yet but will be soon enough. Always the early adopter, Richard was one of the original creators of In Sync, a financial planning software tool launched in the early 90s and still widely used by advisors today. His gift of gab and knack for storytelling will leave you endlessly entertained and it’s little wonder he has so many longstanding relationships. We first encountered Richard at Trimark (now Invesco Ltd.) where he worked for eons (from 1993 to 2008) before joining EdgePoint, leading our team of relationship managers alongside Goss. Richard earned a BA in Economics from York University but his advanced degree in classy cool is entirely self-taught.

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