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Picture of Norm  Tang
Norm Tang

Our CFO Norm reviews many important things at EdgePoint, but his most critical assessments might be using a detailed scoring system to rate our EdgePoint moais (company lunches to bring people together). He’s proof that there is accounting for taste. Norm’s discerning nature isn’t limited to food – he has recommendations for almost everything from sneakers to power tools to cars. The former competitive motorcycle rider may have hung up his racing suit, but Norm still organizes company outings to go-kart tracks to feed his need for speed. We’re also very fortunate that he’s as skilled with words as he is with numbers since Norm’s company-wide E-mails often keep us laughing (or running to the kitchen when he brings in a couple dozen of his favourite Jamaican patties).

Prior to joining EdgePoint, Norm worked as a senior manager at KPMG LLP’s Financial Institutions and Real Estate Assurance practice. He earned his B.Comm. from the University of Toronto and is both a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Professional Accountant. Norm is also Chief Financial Officer of Cymbria Corp. and Director of Finance of EdgePoint Investment Group Inc.

Norm’s office is a testament to his love of collecting things, and in that spirit, he decided to share his list of top three places that he’s crashed a motorcycle:

3) Entering the hairpin at Shannonville Motorsport Park – “It particularly sucked because it was a high-side crash and I ruined my favourite helmet and tore my rotator cuff. I also realized later that I had a concussion.”

2) The carousel also at Shannonville – “Memorable because it ended my amateur racing career. I tore my other rotator cuff and it took about three months before I could lift my arm over my head. I learned that 30 years of age is about when the body starts making business decisions for you.”

1) Making an outside pass at Turn 2 at Mosport during practice – “One of the more terrifying corners at any racetrack on planet Earth. It’s extremely fast (160+ km/h), downhill, completely blind (you have to be turning before you can see the turn), and it’s off-camber. I slid all the way and hit the tire wall. Two hours later I repaired the bike and put it on pole so it wins #1 crash.”

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