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Picture of Nicolas  Baudin
Nicolas Baudin

Nic is a big addition to our Relationship Management Team, or any team really. The 6’6” Frenchman is a multi-sport athlete who loves basketball and soccer, and he’s already contributed to the EdgePoint Toronto hoops team. Speaking of basketball, Nic is quite the globetrotter, having previously lived in Japan, Arizona and Boston (where he became a fan of their local pro teams). With such a busy schedule, Nic makes sure he’s properly fueled for these activities by working equally hard in the kitchen. He’s been quite thorough in doing research for new culinary inspirations by trying new restaurants whenever he can.

Before joining EdgePoint, Nic worked as a business development manager at Dialectica and a client relations representative at Mackenzie Investments. He earned his B.Comm – International Management from McGill University.

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