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Picture of Mikhail Osin
Mikhail Osin

Mikhail, a.k.a. Mike to his friends, has two speeds: silent and non-stop talker. His seemingly endless supply of "Facts of the Day" have raised our collective IQ and earned him the nickname Mike-ipedia. Mike's curiosity fuels his encyclopedic knowledge, but there seems to be a glaring gap in the pop culture category. This might be due to his growing up in Russia until the age of 17. Mike came to Canada to learn English in a place that also had harsh winters and loved hockey. While he does have the accent, there are some suspicions about his true origin as he wasn't able to sing the Russian national anthem. No matter where he came from, we're glad that he's joined us here. When he's not in the office, Mike loves trying new restaurants with his wife and trying to prevent his escape artist son from getting out of his crib.

Prior to joining EdgePoint, Mikhail was a senior associate at ScotiaMcLeod and a sales assistant at TD Wealth Management. He earned his diploma in International Business from Seneca College. Mikhail is a CFA charterholder.

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