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Picture of Miguel Co
Miguel Co

When Miguel first joined, he told us stories about why we were lucky to have him here. There was the time he catapulted off a 25-foot-high water tank into a pool or when he tried to skid his car under a bike. Basically, Miguel's childhood in the Philippines consisted of ignoring the odds. Fortunately for everyone, he moved to Canada at 12 and eventually switched to other activities like basketball and fatherhood. Two knee surgeries might have hurt Miguel's hops a bit, but he's still competing at hoops tournaments and his daughter hasn't hit her top speed yet. When Miguel isn't spending time at work, the court or with his family, he enjoys food (both making it and watching cooking shows), video games, comic books and adventure movies.

Before joining EdgePoint, Miguel worked as a senior client service associate at CIBC Mellon and a business advisor at RBC Royal Bank. He earned his BA in Economics from the University of Toronto.

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