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Picture of Meghan  Crawley
Meghan Crawley

As an expert juggler, we knew Meghan would make an excellent operations associate because of her experience managing so many things at once. She probably has an unfair advantage keeping her head up thanks to a decade of playing and coaching ice hockey. We’re a little confused about how Meghan became a Canadiens supporter despite growing up in Courtice, Ontario, but it looks like the Shania fan made it work when she joined us in the heart of Leafs Nation. That said, she’s constantly taking any opportunity to tell us about how the Boys in Blue don’t impress her much. Meghan can often be found listening to country music on the constant outdoor adventures that occupy her free time. The location doesn’t matter as she’s equally happy at a cottage, patio, concert or trail.

Before joining EdgePoint, Meghan worked as a marketing and operations assistant at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. She earned her B.Comm in Management with a focus in Marketing and Strategy.

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