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Picture of Luca Longo
Luca Longo

Luca credits chess for his aptitude at anticipating a client’s needs, something that’s integral to being an operations associate. Fortunately for everyone, he uses his aptitude to see a few steps ahead to work with them rather than against them. Luca still gets his competitive fix outside of the office by playing on the EdgePoint soccer and basketball teams. This avid traveller shows his efficiency by turning any trip into a multi-country adventure. His current record is a nine-nation voyage and Luca’s hoping to break double digits in the future. Despite his last name being Longo, he was never employed by the supermarket chain that shares his name and chose to work at rival Fortino’s in his younger days. There he worked as a part-time pizzamaker in tribute to his full-Italian heritage.

Before joining EdgePoint, Luca worked as a personal banking associate at TD. He earned his BA in International Economics and Finance from Toronto Metropolitan University.

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