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Picture of Lee Matheson
Lee Matheson

Members of our Investment team have known Lee for well over a decade prior to him joining EdgePoint. Lee's career in the investment industry started in 2000. He was mentored by prominent Canadian investors, eventually launching his own fund. After running the fund for over a decade, Lee decided to take a break and travel the world with his wife and three daughters. He says it was to experience new things, but rumours have swirled that it was an opportunity to get out of sharing a single-bathroom Toronto home with four females.

During this time, Lee decided to re-focus his energy on other aspects of investing. Fortunately for us, our Investment team's flexibility allowed us to accommodate his interests while making the most of his skill set.

Lee's keen eye goes beyond looking at financial statements, as he's an avid reader and collects works by emerging Canadian artists. According to Lee, he's a mediocre golfer and a slightly better-than-average tennis player. Lee is a CFA charterholder.

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