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Picture of Killian  Bolger
Killian Bolger

Killian’s proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – his “bricklayer physique” belies the beautiful mind inside of our resident data scientist. His EdgePoint origin story began during a chance encounter with one of EdgePoint’s founders at a street festival and showing that he was a great fit culturally. Killian’s passion for rugby can be seen both on the pitch along the front row of the scrum and at the pub cheering on his beloved Ireland national rugby union team. We’re glad this Irishman has found his home in Toronto so we can hear his boisterous laughter around the office. Our only fear is that he’ll take his newfound love of the city’s jerk chicken and make good on his promise to start a restaurant on the Emerald Isle.

Before joining EdgePoint, Killian worked as an applied data scientist at Dunnhumby and a risk consultant at Corlytics. He earned his BSc in Mathematics from the Technological University of Dublin and his MSc in Finance from the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

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