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Picture of Honglei Wang
Honglei Wang

It seems unlikely that someone who moved to Toronto from halfway around the world would find it reminded them of home, but that's what happened to Honglei. She grew up in Harbin, a Europe-like city in northern China about the size and temperature of her current home city. We think this means she loses the right to complain about Canadian winters because she knew what she was getting into. Honglei is a competitive table tennis player, having played since she was six and even won a championship in her hometown. Honglei attends tournaments around the province and the former university lecturer is always ready to teach her fellow EdgePointers a lesson at the table. She maintains her paddle prowess by cross-training with yoga for over 10 years and walking her 12-year old poodle (who accompanied Honglei and her husband on the 36-hour trip to Canada).

Honglei earned her B.A. in linguistics from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China and has a diploma in banking from Sheridan College. Prior to joining EdgePoint, she worked as a portfolio analyst at an investment firm, an associate at a hedge fund and an advisor assistant. She is currently a CFA Level III candidate.

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