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Picture of Greg Sinclair
Greg Sinclair

Greg was born with a golf club in his hands – which would have shocked most parents except his mom already had a room full of golf trophies and his dad was a golf pro. I guess you could say it was in his blood. When not hitting the links, he can be found at the rink watching his two kids play rep hockey or poolside in his backyard. Play your cards right and he may even treat you to a sultry blues shuffle now that he’s taken up the guitar. You don’t have to know Greg for long to hear his go-to celebrity story: he once ran beside Britney Spears on a treadmill in a hotel gym. Many of us knew Greg in a previous life at Invesco Ltd. where he worked for 17 years, most recently as Head of Canadian trading. With that kind of experience, we know our trading desk is in good hands! Greg earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Washburn University, and is a CFA charterholder.

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