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Picture of Diane Rossi
Diane Rossi

When Tye, Geoff and Pat were in the midst of preparing to launch EdgePoint and started asking around about the ideal candidate to run our operations, one name kept surfacing: Diane’s. No surprise considering her extensive knowhow built on more than two decades of experience in the area. Really, she was born and raised in the industry having started in 1992 at Invesco Ltd., which back then was called Trimark. Diane was at the company for 14 years, serving as assistant vice president of operations from 1999 on and was instrumental in establishing its back-office administration team. She more than proved her superwoman capabilities, introducing novel ideas that transformed operations and cultivating a culture focused on providing superior service. She then joined Burgundy Asset Management as head of client administration, where she stayed for just over two years before encountering us. She now brings all of her wisdom, insightfulness and general awesomeness to EdgePoint as head of our Operations team.