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Picture of Christen  Cheung
Christen Cheung

Working in Analytics requires the ability to multitask, something Christen hones during her many trips by exploring both places and food. So far she's witnessed relics in Rome, had bugs in Cambodia, motorbiked in Saigon and ate mochi ice cream in Honolulu. Christen still finds time to support the arts by volunteering (TIFF and Hot Docs) or even contributing as an actor when she was discovered while visiting her sister in L.A. She's always willing to let her inner interior designer "out of the closet" to help friends find unique pieces to fill their space. Christen showed her space organizing talents to her coworkers when she had her desk knickknacks and snacks set up within her first hour on the job. She received her Honours B.F.A in Fine Art History & Renaissance Studies from the University of Toronto and earned a certificate in Image Arts (New Media) from Ryerson University. Before Christen joined EdgePoint, she worked at Invesco Canada Ltd.

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