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Picture of Catherine Villeneuve
Catherine Villeneuve

Catherine isn’t short – her awesomeness is just very concentrated into a 4’10” (in heels) frame. Her seemingly endless energy is useful chasing around her three children. When the family’s out and a food craving strikes the kids, Catherine usually responds with, "We have that at home." The home chef is always happy to make a version from scratch that puts professional cooks to shame. Catherine’s love of travel probably stems from the various countries she’s called home – she was born in China, grew up in the Bahamas and lived in Scotland, Singapore and now Montréal. Although Catherine hung up her soccer cleats after playing for 15 years, she still gets her competitive kicks from video games. Catherine’s been known to get lost in a game and may have even left her partner for a bit to track down some Pokemon while in Mexico. (Don’t worry, he’s fine.)

Before joining EdgePoint, Catherine worked as a specialist in client accounts and compliance services for Richter Family Office and a sales associate for CI Investments. She previously worked with Marc-André, and they’re both happy to reunite their dream team.

EdgePoint Partner: