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Picture of Andrew Wallman
Andrew Wallman

Andrew’s personal motto is “Discipline equals freedom.” The former is often on display in his Institutional Relationship Manager role, but it even extends outside of the office to counting household expenses down to the penny (much to his wife’s chagrin). Staying focused is worth it for Andrew since it lets him escape the city and experience freedom in nature. He isn’t picky as he’s happy on multi-day backcountry trips in Algonquin Park or car camping with his family. Andrew grew up playing hockey and we think that the early practices (along with his ability to pull a solid espresso) probably helped him become the cheery morning person he is today.

Prior to joining EdgePoint, Andrew worked as an institutional relationship manager at Galibier Capital Management and an equity research analyst at Sionna Investment Managers (where he worked next to another Andrew). He earned his Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies in Finance and Administration from Western University and is a CFA charterholder.

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