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Picture of Alexandra Imbesi
Alexandra Imbesi

Born and raised in the City of Lights, Alexandra brings the same passion to travel that she does to being our first Sales Coordinator. Her favourite destinations are France and Italy to experience their many picturesque villages, joie de vivre and diverse food and wine. The last two provide inspiration to the avid chef who believes recipes are excellent souvenirs that keep on giving. Outside of the kitchen, Alexandra is also a talented athlete, having competed in tennis, swimming and horseback riding. She studied Hoteling, Tourism and Hospitality at École Internationale Tunon in Montpellier and previously worked at Trimark for over two decades.

 Among her many responsibilities at EdgePoint, Alexandra keeps the Relationship Management team well organized. Her training began at age 10 when spent a year at an all-boys boarding school in England (plus those 25 years of financial services experience probably help, too). She’s highly focused, quiet, detail oriented and even comes to work early each day. Not the typical Sales team member, but Alexandra brings balance to the team.

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