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Picture of Adam Zwierzynski
Adam Zwierzynski

Adam is part of our IT department and around the company he’s known by the wildly creative nickname of “IT Adam.” We gave Adam that moniker to distinguish him from “Compliance Adam.”

IT Adam has been interested in technology since he was about 10 years old, and he’s been dabbling in computers ever since. He’s got a lot of experience handling IT systems within a number of professional environments, including health care, legal and media design.

In fact, he transferred from studying complex human systems – Adam earned his degree in kinesiology – to complex IT systems. Information security is another field that captures his interest, specifically keeping all the cyber criminals out.

In his spare time, Adam often sticks with the technology theme and plays video games, but he’s also no stranger to the dance floor, having been part of Canada’s first hip hop team when he was a teen. With the surname of Zwierzynski, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he loves to relax with a nice Polish beer. What might surprise you is that his favourite food is ramen. If you’re wondering if he likes to pair the two – so are we.

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