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Press Release

EdgePoint Investment Group Inc. – Statement Regarding Norfolk Southern

March 04, 2024


TORONTO, March 4, 2024 – EdgePoint Investment Group, Inc. (“EdgePoint”) is fully supportive of the efforts of Ancora Holdings Group, LLC (“Ancora”) for meaningful dialogue with Norfolk Southern Corporation (“NSC” or the “Company”). As a significant shareholder in NSC and as fiduciaries of our investors, EdgePoint supports the changes proposed by Ancora to NSC’s board of directors and management team. Currently, EdgePoint controls a ~US$960 million stake in NSC, we believe making our firm one of the largest shareholders of the Company.

We believe the status quo at NSC will lead to continued underperformance of the railroad. We also believe that Board refreshment and Jim Barber’s and Jamie Boychuk’s leadership are essential for enhancing safety and for ensuring outstanding long-term achievements for the benefit of all NSC’s shareholders and other stakeholders.


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