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The DON'Ts of EdgePoint

March 17, 2015

Of the 90,000 or so advisors in Canada, we partner with a fraction. This fraction understands our commitment to keep fees low, stick to our investment approach, focus on the long term and put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. There are advisors who have come to expect the things on the following list from their mutual fund company and that’s fine – we’re simply not one of those companies.

  1. We don’t sponsor sporting events, charities or industry functions.
    We’re not against any of these. We just don’t decide on behalf of our investors what to support with their money. We’d rather offer low fees and let our investors decide how they want to spend their money.

  2. We don’t give away golf balls.
    EdgePoint doesn’t have any hats, shirts or golf balls with our logo slapped on them. We don’t waste our investors’ money on that stuff. Of course, we’re glad to share all of the freebie pens we jam into our pockets from conferences and other meetings we attend.

  3. We don’t have any hockey tickets.
    We’re not going to give advisors tickets to a hockey game (or any other sporting event) in exchange for their business or so they can take their clients out. We don’t believe this contributes to investors’ bottom line. However, we’re willing to spend as much time and effort as needed to educate people about investing and how to do it more effectively.

  4. We don’t explain short-term performance.
    If you expect us to comment on every little rise and fall in our numbers you’ll be very disappointed. We’re long-term investors in businesses, not traders of stock. Daily market noise is exactly that, noise.

  5. We don’t pretend we can predict the future.
    Maybe it comforts you to hear your investment manager tell you how they think the future will shakeout. You’re still not going to get any meaningless predictions from us. Because truthfully, what may or may not happen is anyone’s guess. Instead, we strive to develop ideas that aren’t widely shared by others about businesses we understand – what we refer to as proprietary insights. That’s comfort to us.

If this list doesn’t sit well with you, we’re probably not a good match. Not a problem. You’ll find a horde of other mutual fund companies out there that can meet your needs better. We'd rather stay true to what we believe we do best, which is build wealth for our investors.