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Size doesn't matter to investors

March 18, 2024

Being investment led as opposed to sales and marketing driven puts us firmly on the side of investors and what’s important to them. As such, EdgePoint's asset size is a success measure that we’ll continue to share publicly only when we have to. Inasmuch as shareholders consider increases in AUM to be good news (they’re a marker of strong sales and/or investment gains), put yourself in the shoes of an EdgePoint investor. They understandably have a different take on growing AUM.

What do EdgePoint investors care about more than asset size? To start, how much money we’ve made them and the amount we’ve saved them in fees versus our competitors. Unlike our AUM figure, we’re happy to present these numbers with perfect clarity.

The next time you encounter a mutual fund company touting its asset levels or sales figures, ask yourself whose best interests it's really putting first – yours or its own.

For the most recent standard performance, please visit the Investment results page.

*As at December 31, 2023.
†As at December 31, 2023. Includes since inception total returns from all investments managed by EdgePoint net of fees and taxes charged directly to the respective portfolios. Excludes fees and taxes paid directly by investors.
‡As at December 31, 2023. Source: Strategic Insight, Morningstar Direct. Fee savings calculated using an average of monthly assets under management (AUM) for Series A and A non-HST for years 2009 to 2017 and series F and F non-HST from 2018 onwards. Due to the shift in assets towards fee based, we believe using Series F and F non-HST MERs starting in 2018 is more relevant. Series F is available to investors in fee-based/advisory fee arrangement and excludes trailing commissions. Fee savings for EdgePoint Monthly Income Portfolio calculated from 2022 onward. Category average MERs provided by Strategic Insight as at calendar year-ends from years 2009 to 2017. Morningstar Direct used from year 2018 onwards. Category average MERs of fee-based series funds excluding institutional series in the following categories: Global Equity Category, Canadian Equity and Canadian Focused Equity Category, Global Equity Balanced, Global Neutral Balanced and Global Fixed Income Balanced Category, Canadian Equity Balanced, Canadian Neutral Balanced and Canadian Fixed Income Balanced Category, Canadian Fixed Income, Global Fixed Income and Multi-sector Fixed Income. Only active funds for each calendar year were used in the calculation. For funds that have not reported 2023 MERs by March 12, 2024, the 2022 MER was used. Fee savings are an approximation.