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Here's your chance to buy some EdgePoint swag

July 19, 2019

Shop till you (and your fund fees) drop

Many fund companies hand out “freebies” plastered with their logos. Guess who pays for those golf balls, pens or hats that you never use? The end investor, via fund fees.

In this regard, we’d rather be the “George Costanza” of the mutual fund industry. In one classic episode of Seinfeld, George does the complete opposite of what most people would do – and he gets good results!

Rather than handing out free merch to promote ourselves, we’re selling it!

Since day 1, we’ve been committed to keeping fees low for our investors. When we print materials, it’s in black and white. The only time EdgePointers flying for business see the First Class section is when they walk past it to reach their seats. Instead of expensive paintings on the wall, we hang artwork created by our kids, and that stuff is priceless!

You get the point. Our latest effort to reduce fees involves selling EdgePoint/Cymbria branded merchandise. The profit will help lower fees and (all else being equal) increase our investors’ future returns, so you can shop guilt-free.

What's for sale?

  • A book featuring every Cymbria commentary written since inception. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking … a must-have coffee table book!

  • Speaking of coffee, how about a handy EdgePoint mug to serve it in?

  • We’re active investors and we also stay active. Our workout shirt proudly bears the EdgePoint logo. You already think like an EdgePointer – now you can look like one, too!

If any of these pique your interest, check them out at our EdgePoint store.