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EdgePoint's website has a new look

July 14, 2014

1. Redesigned navigation – find what you’re looking for fast

2. Who we are and how we can help right up front

3. Quick access to series pricing for your Portfolio

4. Timely updates keep you in the know

EdgePoint's website has a new look

Unlike our timeless investment approach, the website we launched with in 2008 just wasn’t cutting it anymore. To strengthen and simplify our communications to you, we knew it needed improving. From an updated look and feel to reimagined and streamlined content, the makeover is complete. While our website may have changed you can rest assured that we haven’t. 

Now, our online identity better represents the real us.

You asked, we delivered
Here and there we’ve relocated content based on user behaviour. There’s now more about who we are and how we can help you right at your fingertips. Our portfolio prices and investment results are accessible directly from our homepage. And how many fund companies do you know that can fit their entire product lineup within four small boxes? It’s all part of our pledge to keep our offerings, our company and our interactions with you as simple as possible.

More than just a pretty face
Compare us against the websites of our competitors. We think differently from them and we look different too. No clutter, confusion or that constant flood of messages pressuring you to buy, buy, buy. We have no interest in inundating you with junk you don’t need. White space isn’t the enemy – the overabundance of unremarkable investment products is.