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EdgePointer of the month – Sandro Panella

June 10, 2022

Our recent website refresh inspired us to update our internal partner bios to reflect who they are today. First up is one of our longest-tenured EdgePointers (and our unofficial Chief Cultural Officer), Sandro.

Sandro is responsible for client administration support for our private client group (PCG).  He ensures a smooth on-boarding process for new clients.
If there's anything that could make Sandro speechless, we haven't found it yet. Our cultural Renaissance man can converse about cinema, shows, music, books and sports. When the " Sandman" isn't holding down the fort in the Operations department, he can be found at stadiums, concert halls or taking part in wide-ranging discussions in the lunchroom. Words can be cheap (no matter how many Sandro uses). Fortunately for the rest of us, he often leads by example by doing things like organizing group outings during the Toronto International Film Festival or hitting lead off for our softball team. He's been a part of EdgePoint since almost the beginning and met several of the early partners working alongside them at the "old shop". Sandro is proof that our culture is something that develops over time not overnight, and we're thankful that he keeps spreading it to both our internal and external partners.
For those who haven’t had the chance to hear his latest recommendations, here are some of his past favourites (in no particular order) direct from the Sandman himself:

  • Revolver (The Beatles): I was a late comer to understanding the greatness of the Beatles but once I did, they blew me away. Such creativity – musically and lyrically!

  • London Calling (The Clash): Love their attitude and the way they combined reggae, ska and punk into their own style. “Train in Vain” not originally listed on the sleeve might be my favourite song of all time.

  • OK Computer (Radiohead): I listened to this album endlessly in the late 90s on my drives up to my sister’s cottage. Every song on the record is amazing. “Let Down” and “No Surprises” are my personal favourites.

  • Is This It? (The Strokes): Every song is under four minutes of pure rock heaven. They reinvented the sights and sounds of music in NYC before the streets were cleaned up by Mayor Rudy G.

Sandro's other unofficial jobs include tour guide, political junkie and, unsurprisingly, movie critic. He earned his BA in Political Science from York University.