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Picture of Sabrina Ihaddadene
Sabrina Ihaddadene

Sabrina might call Montréal home, but she certainly isn’t a homebody. When she isn’t working alongside the Québec relationship managers, Sabrina is often found at concerts or watching sporting events (live or otherwise). One of the Toronto office’s memorable moments from the 2022 FIFA World Cup was hearing her cheer during the games. Although Sabrina was born and raised in Ville-Marie, she loves visiting family across Europe and North Africa. During these trips, Sabrina puts her fluency in French, English and Arabic to good use. Her language skills aren’t as impressive as her ability to resist the delicious food Montréal has to offer – she’s incredibly dedicated to healthy eating and working out. Before joining EdgePoint, Sabrina worked as an account manager at Hybrid Financial Ltd. She earned her BSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Québec at Montréal.

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