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Picture of Montana  Mortimer
Montana Mortimer

Type A hippie. An apt description of Montana given her need for order (which sometimes leads to excessive Post-it noting) is just as strong as her love for heading out into the great outdoors for some un-orderly activities. Have passport, will travel is her motto, she takes every opportunity to hit the open road and see the world. Her thirst for adventure is currently quenched by waterskiing where she’s been atop pyramids, on one ski and who needs skis when you can go barefoot!?! She’s no fish out of the water either as an avid cyclist, runner, skier, yogi, triathlete and published author – in French no less! Montana graduated from Queen’s University with a BA Hons. in Economics, spent a semester studying in Australia and speaks French and Spanish. Her “I can and I will” mentality is a perfect fit for the Ops Team.