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Picture of Kirsten DeJonge
Kirsten DeJonge

Need a volunteer? Ask Kirsten, she’ll be there with a helping hand and a smile on her face. The only girl in a set of triplets, Kirsten doesn’t shy away from much. She’s played hockey since she was four, loves to camp, hike, ski and really anything else that involves being in the great outdoors. Kirsten was bitten hard by the travel bug and has a lofty goal of visiting 30 countries before she’s 30. Given that she’s already been to diverse locales like El Salvador and New Zealand, we know she’ll get there. Kirsten graduated with an HBA in Communications from McMaster University and worked at Scotia Wealth before she arrived on our doorstep to join our inside sales team. People often comment on her intense love of country music, and this upbeat country girl takes that as a compliment, thank you very much.

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