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Picture of Elizabeth O'Sullivan
Elizabeth O'Sullivan

Liz was born on Christmas Eve. Guess what her middle name is? She’s the latest citizen of Little Ireland here at EdgePoint and like the others she’s already demonstrated there’s not much she can’t do. Liz has played Gaelic football, soccer, can Irish set dance, sold t-shirts on the Jersey Shore and claims to be able to pull a proper Guinness. Her To-Do list includes: getting her driver’s licence, running a half marathon and traveling to two European countries she hasn’t visited – Greece and Iceland. Liz earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Government Policy from Trinity University in Dublin. Since arriving in Canada, she’s worked as a Marketing Associate at ROI Capital and in Operations at CIBC Mellon. She loves Canada for its four seasons, but like many Canadians she’s having difficulty warming to our winters.

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