Making your money make money

Our investors have $4.3 billion† more than what they initially invested with us.

How do we make you money?

Saving you money

We've saved our investors approximately $4 million* a year in fees versus our competitors.

Smaller management expense ratios (MERs) are a big deal. While fees are unavoidable, you need to pay attention to them because they eat away at your investment savings.

Say you invest $100,000 in a fund that grows at a rate of 10% compounded annually. Over the long term, a fee reduction of as little as 0.25% dramatically impacts your bottom line.

In fact, that 0.25% adds up to over $14,000 after 15 years. After 30 years, the potential savings amounts to more than the original investment itself.

Another point to remember is that just like taxes, MERs are calculated based on total assets and not as a fixed dollar amount. You pay more for an investment when it performs well. No matter what, fees matter.

How do we save you money?


†As at December 31, 2015. Includes since inception total returns from all investments managed by EdgePoint net of fees and taxes charged directly to the respective portfolios. Excludes fees and taxes paid directly by investors.
*As at December 31, 2015.