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While we seek success, we don’t hide from our mistakes.

Mistakes, we’ve made a few

You’ve entrusted your hard-earned savings with us and, as such, it should bring you comfort to know we always strive for perfection. What may not be as comforting to you is that we know we’ll never achieve it. We accepted a long time ago that we’ll make mistakes. Though we try to minimize the impact of any mistake by building portfolios diversified by business idea. So when they happen (and trust us, nobody is immune) the impact is typically offset by those other ideas.

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What happened?

Mistake was defined as any name previously held in EdgePoint Global Portfolio where our holding period return was worse than -2% from inception (November 17, 2008) to June 30, 2020. Fixed-income holdings, warrants, call options and subscription receipts were excluded.

††A holding’s contribution is based on a combination of weight and timing of transactions. This may result in a difference from a security’s holding period return.